Mahideb Jubo Somaj Kallayan Somity (MJSKS)
Third Third Third



MJSKS believes and implements all activities in transparency, accountability and participatory way and it has been driving on three type of tires; a) General committee and b) Executive committee and c) Senior management committee.
General Committee:
General committee seat together at least one time within a year and they formed executive committee as well as approve whole things of MJSKS.
Executive Committee:
The executive committee members are form by the general committee through annual general meeting. Executive committee approves all policies and procedures on monthly basis and look over the quality implementation and expenditure.
Senior management:
As per MJSKS guideline this committee formed by the director of MJSKS with all Project Managers and senior core staff of MJSKS and he is the convener of this committee. All monthly progress of the ongoing projects and field findings sharing and as well as take corrective measures in this meeting on quarterly basis for quality implementation.
Policy and guidelines:
MJSKS has its own updated policy and guideline and operating it according to the policy like-HR policy, Financial policy, gender policy, Zero tolerance policy, 5 years strategic plan.

Organizational Values / Principle:

a) Quality- driven and Professional

b) Humanitarian and developmental

c) Effective, efficient, and economical

d) Transparent and accountable

e) People led and impact focused

f) Attention to high risk poverty

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